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Produkt: Sequo Ratio Aequus

Strategy – Description

  • The investment objective is to profit from the monetary market through trading with advanced algorithms.
  • Trading systems have an overlaid Money Management System to optimize risk to return ratio.
  • The investment is placed within the G10 Currency pairs.

Performance / Riskparameters for algo tools

  • Daily loss limit 2% NAV (daily Peak to Valley)
  • Total loss limit 9% NAV (daily Peak to Valley)
  • Daily max. Risk  2%
  • Leverage up to  5
  • annual ROI   >12% (no guaranty for future resulsts)
  • Risk to trade   10% NAV
  • Profits    15%
  • Profit rate    > 1,5
  • Transaction hit rate    > 45%
Algorithms and System description Technical information
  • Systems generate trading signals on different currency pairs
  • We follow all strategies on different time sequences
  • The system operates based on a short to medium term trend and anti-cycling following and bottom picking system with various parameters which calculate the momentum of the market and the single trading size
  • All systems are equipped with a clear Profit and Stop Limit and each Stop is tightened during every open position and adjusted accordingly
  • Diversification into G10 Currency pairs
  • Trading on Long and Short positions
  • cyclical and searching for Momentum
  • with stop loss and trail stop defined to take profit
  • with dynamic position sizing according to Momentum and dynamic trade sizing